Instructional Technology Collaboration Tuesdays Webinar Series

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Come join in on this great opportunity for collaboration, learning and professional growth, without having to go anywhere at all!

Dan Maguire, Kennett Consolidated School District Instructional Technology Coach and Debbie Lugar, Chester County I.U. Educational Technology Specialist are co-hosting virtual collaboration, via Elluminate webconferencing, for educators throughout Pennsylvania.  The goal is to bring educators together to share ideas and experiences, ask and answer questions, and learn about new (and some not-so-new) instructional technologies and if/how they can be used to enhance classroom instruction.

These webinars are open to educators of all grade levels and subject areas–high school level educators will meet from 3:00-4:00 PM and elementary educators from 4:00-5:00 PM.

Tuesday collaboration webinars can be accessed at  No prior registration is required.  Participants are asked to login with their name and school district.  (Example:  Jane Doe, Kennett)


11 Techy Things for Teachers to Try This Year

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From one of my very favorite Blogs to read, “Free Technology for Teachers“, comes this great list of tools for integrating some more technology in your classes….

“The new school year is here for many teachers. For those who haven’t started school yet, the new school year will be here soon. If you’ve set the goal of trying something new in your classroom this year (shouldn’t that always be one of our goals), here are eleven techy things teachers should try this year.”

Click HERE to visit the original blog post and find out the 11 things!

Enjoy and please let me know if you’d like to try some of these things but are not sure where to get started!


What will you learn this summer?

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Check out this great blog post about summer professional development opportunities.

Which one(s) will you do??

The MCIU is also once again offering many workshops and sessions this summer.  Check out their catalog to find something that might interest you.

Here is another post highlighting 77 web resources for educators to try out this summer.

Which ones will you try to integrate into your teaching in the fall?

Are you aware of other summer learning opportunities for teachers?  If so, leave us a comment so others can benefit!

Image Credit: ‘School Stops for Summer: Learning Never Should!”